This work shows my final portfolio at Whitireia NZ and was part of the Graduate exhibition TOAST 2016. The theme, ‘Moriawase”, is the Japanese equivalent of a tapas platter of delicious small objects (houseki oiishi) around which friends gather together. I presented three sets of work arranged on simple carved Serpentine platters. Japanese craft and art have been strong influences during my life.

The research which initiated the work explored the nature of creativity?  I concluded that for me it is the process of taking an idea and transforming it into an art object through playful experimentation. Of having a conversation, making connections, completing the circle and commencing another. At the same time I acknowledge that there is the creativity of the artist who initiates and realises an idea and then the creativity of the wearer who uses the piece for their own creative action.

The three ‘sticks’ necklaces have been selected to be part of the prestigious international graduate exhibition at MARZEE, Netherlands in August 2017 and the  pendant ‘flung’ has been selected to be part of the online graduate exhibition ‘So fresh + so clean’, sponsored by Ethical Metalsmiths.