A joint exhibition with artist Birgit Moffatt at Pataka Art+Museum, Porirua.

When thinking about memories, is it a remembered reality or an actuality that comes to mind:  of the event, colours and textures of the place, the action, stories and / or people involved?

In this exhibition I use memory as a foundation, building on those of my childhood, growing up and having children.  Making things and reading books as well as being outdoors.  Combining a lifelong interest in sewing, colour and my love of metal, I give value to fabric collected over the years and children’s craft components.

As the exhibition progresses, sold work will be removed and replaced with a memory of the piece, so that reality and remembered reality become intertwined.

Photos of the opening are by the talented Elyse Childs.

Please contact me to purchase  a etched brass necklace (single or double):